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Daniel Mejía Lozano is an international journalist, blogger and columnist for the newspaper “El Tiempo” in Colombia, “Malaga Reporter” in Spain and also in “Kienyke” in Latin America. His investigations have been replicated in important media such as the newspaper “El Mundo” in Spain, “The Insight Crime” in the United States and also in “Revista Semana” in Colombia.

He has received recognition for his journalistic work by the Congress of the Republic of Peru, Colombia and Mexico. His journalistic work has been supported by the FLIP Foundation for Press Freedom and reporters without borders.

He is the founding CEO of the communications company Canal24Es. In 2021 he was in charge of directing the television program “Semanario Internacional”, where he interviewed former presidents of Latin America such as Tuto Quiroga from Bolivia, Ernesto Samper Pizano from Colombia and Rosalía Arteaga from Ecuador. Moreover  Marlon Escoto Former Minister of Education of Honduras and Maritza Hernández candidate for the Presidency and former Minister of Labor of the Dominican Republic have been guest analysts on their television programs.

As a matter of fact in 2021 Hermann Tertsch member of the European Parliament, Donelia Roldan Senator of Spain and Victor Coello Vice President of the Vox party in Spain have participated in his television program.

He has also conducted interviews with international figures such as: Hernando Pedraza Secretary of the Andean Community of Nations, Juan Carlos Pinzón Ambassador of Colombia to the United States, presidential candidates of Honduras, Peru, and Colombia.

Daniel Mejía Lozano has held forums with the participation of Ivan Arias, mayor of La Paz, Bolivia, and Daniel Quintero, mayor of Medellín, Colombia.

Among his skills stand out writing, presenting television, conducting radio programs, research and managing first-rate sources. He is the author of the book “El Dorado Si Existe” published in Barcelona Spain.

Periodismo político y judicial.

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